Eco-friendly is a description that can be applied to many different products, including promotional giveaways and gifts. But what makes a product eco-friendly? And how do you know if the promotional product you love to use is eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly is a very broad term, but often there are three common factors that determine whether a product is ‘eco-friendly’ or not:

The materials used – eco-friendly products are usually made of materials that are recycled, sustainably grown, and/or are recyclable – ideally, material harvested from a natural source with minimal damage to the environment, and without the use of harmful toxic chemicals or heavy polluting equipment.

The way it is manufactured or processed – eco-friendly products will be made in a facility which minimises its impact or demand on the environment. For example, using solar power rather than coal, drawing the least amount of water possible, or using a process that doesn’t involve the use of harmful toxic chemicals.

The way it is used – Eco-friendly products often encourage environmentally conscious behaviours. For example, reusable water bottles and coffee cups discourage the purchase and use of non-recyclable single-use plastics which can clog landfills.

So what does ‘sustainability’ mean? And how can you help ward off the world’s climate crisis?

Eco-friendly and sustainable promotional products should be made from materials that are bio-degradable and not harmful to people, nature or the environment during production. The products should have environmental, social and economical benefits.

By using environmentally-friendly promotional products, you not only benefit the environment but also boost your business reputation by demonstrating your commitment to eco-friendly solutions.

Eco-friendly products and gifts allow you to promote your business; show your appreciation, and show you care about the customer’s business – while leaving you confident in the knowledge that your efforts aren’t having a harmful impact on the environment.

And by giving a gift which is seen as useful and valuable by your customer, not only do they keep using it, but every time they do, they are subliminally reminded about who provided it to them!

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