With the great reach of the internet now partnered up with rapid deliveries from almost anywhere in the country or indeed the world, your customers have more choices than ever when it comes to deciding whether to purchase products and services from you or continue to do so! With so much choice, customer retention has become even more critical in ensuring growth for your business.

But how do you combat churn and show your customers just how much you care about their business? In addition to offering a fantastic product and excellent customer service, one of the key options is carefully selected branded gifts to help achieve your goals:

  1. Taylor your gifts to client profiles: For example: sending all customers the same wine gift voucher, even to those who are non-wine-drinkers isn’t going to achieve results! Taylor the gifts to what you know of your customer’s preferences or lifestyles, sourcing and customising gifts that will be seen as useful and valuable. 
  2. Keep things in proportion: If your customer spends $250 a year with you sending them a $500 gift is likely to be out of balance. Keep gifts in proportion to how much a customer spends with you to ensure no one feels uncomfortable about the gift.
  3. Why confine gifts to simply the end of the year: The tradition has been to provide customer gifts at the end of the year to say ‘thank you’ for business placed during the year. Try standing out from the crowd with options like gifting in January to ‘celebrate the start of a prosperous New Year!’
  4. Remember gifts are meant to show your appreciation: Emphasise that you care about the customer’s business all year round, not just when they’re up for annual review.

And by giving a gift which is of use and seen by your customer to be of value, not only do they keep using it, but every time they do, they are subliminally reminded about who provided it to them!

To make the selection process even easier for you, we’ve created this digital catalogue of premium gifts for you to browse.

Check out the catalogue here.

Find out more, including featured products and a chance to win.

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