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Our latest video series

Whilst a number of you have been our customers since the early 2000s, some even earlier, and some will know me for my recreation of ‘jumping off cliffs’, few know much more. So we have created some brief video clips to share with you over the next couple of months., the first of which is below.  If […]

How to make your clients remember you

How A Branded Pen Will Grow Your Business            They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, but in all reality, the pen is mightier than a lot of things when it comes to lasting exposure for your business. If you are looking for a relatively cheap way to remind hundreds, or even thousands […]

Helping your customer remember you when they next need your service.

Are you a time-poor and budget-challenged business owner? We are well versed to assist in helping make decisions over selecting a product not only easy, not only fitting the budget but identifying which items your customer will find useful and want to use, thereby achieving that constant subliminal reminder every time they use it. We […]

One Of The Best Items To Give A Business Great Brand Exposure Over Winter!

Now is the very best time to supply to your customers branded umbrellas.These make an ideal gift and great vehicle for conveying your message or exposing your brand in the street, and on the sports field. Options in styles cover folding, sports, business, and golf with a wide variety of colours, and provide solutions for […]

Make sure you choose Sustainably Conscious, Budget Friendly merchandise when you order long-lasting products

 With the change in approach to non-recyclable plastics, our household migrated to using reuseable food wrap but this doesn’t always tidily handle all situations and there was still a hankering for the flexibility of clingwrap. So I was really enthused when one of our suppliers started offering Compostible Cling Wrap in 30m rolls for residential […]