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Autumn Promotional Picks

The change in seasons brings a change in the tempo of life for branded merchandise suppliers, with the season for conferences, many more sales presentations plus trade show activity. Items ordered for these events are very varied but some of the most consistently in demand are: branded pens, note pads, branded coffee mugs, cooling sports towels, tote bags, softshell vests, puffer vests and business shirts.  

Our latest video series

Whilst a number of you have been our customers since the early 2000s, some even earlier, and some will know me for my recreation of ‘jumping off cliffs’, few know much more. So we have created some brief video clips to share with you over the next couple of months., the first of which is below.  If […]

Helping your customer remember you when they next need your service.

Are you a time-poor and budget-challenged business owner? We are well versed to assist in helping make decisions over selecting a product not only easy, not only fitting the budget but identifying which items your customer will find useful and want to use, thereby achieving that constant subliminal reminder every time they use it. We […]

Selecting branded gifts to say ‘thank you’ for business done during the year

We have been helping business owners for over twenty years with solutions for branded gifts to say ‘Thank You’. So we are well versed to assist in helping make these decisions not only easy, not only fitting the budget but sorting out items their customer will find helpful and want to use, thereby giving a […]

Warm Dry Branded Jackets

The Versatile Soft Shell Jacket Available in black, navy, grey and red, in men’s, ladies’, and youth stylings. Manufactured from three-layer bonded stretch fabric, breathable, windproof and with up to eight hours of waterproofness. Typically pricing, including branding, for jackets starts at approx. $60.00ea plus GST depending on selected style, quantity, type and coverage of branding detail.   […]

Why Use Us?

Our ProcessWe can work with business owners to identify the budget, select items suitable for branding with the individual company’s logo, find items that have the flexibility to be customised to individual recipient’s interests, and are suitable for the required means of delivery. Our RangeOn our website, the potential gifts range from sub $10.00 each to +$100.00 each, with production […]

The Insanity Of Disposable Coffee Cups


How many disposable coffee cups are used in New Zealand and Australia each year? A total of 1.3 billion! How long are they used for? 13 minutes on average, and then they are dumped in a landfill and take thousands of years to break down. This Is Insane!  So if you agree, let’s talk about how we can […]