This time of year, business owners join most of the population in making the most of the great weather, relaxing, enjoying summer at the beach, boating and BBQs, socialising with family and fellow business owners, and sharing their goals and aspirations for the year.

So summer is an ideal time to give customers branded gifts. Any of these five items will prove very useful to customers. And whilst they are being used, they are a constant subliminal reminder of the supplier and their services. 

Now is also an excellent opportunity to let your staff know that you care for their well-being; this can be easily done by supplying them with useful branded items. See some cost examples for some of our most popular summer items: 

Branded SPF 30 sunscreens: available in 30 & 50ml bottles with a handy carbiner to keep the bottle at hand for easy reapplication. 

30ml: 100 units $4.73ea, 250 units $3.99ea*

50ml: 100 units $5.99ea, 250 units $5.29ea*

Zinc sticks: an absolute must for anyone out in the direct sun for prolonged periods such as surfers, boaties and trampers. 

100 units $5.10ea, 250 units $4.36ea*

Beach & Sports Cooling Towels: printed in overall full colour – can be printed with anything from an image of a boat or house through to that of a product. 

Beach Towels: 25 units $33.95ea, 50 units $29.99ea**

Sports Cooling Towels: 50 units $13.99ea, 100 units $11.99ea**

Sunhats & Headwear – from snug-fitting caps and bucket hats through to wide-brimmed straw hats for those out gardening or relaxing on the beach.

Straw Hats: 25 units $22.99ea, 50 units $19.95ea**

Bucket Hats: 50 units $14.95ea, 100 units $12.95ea**

*Printed in one spot colour, in one position, **Printed in full colour, one position

If you still need help with ideas or figuring out where to start, email us your logo, quantity required, client demographic, and budget, and we’ll come back to you with a few options.

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