Are you a time-poor and budget-challenged business owner? We are well versed to assist in helping make decisions over selecting a product not only easy, not only fitting the budget but identifying which items your customer will find useful and want to use, thereby achieving that constant subliminal reminder every time they use it.

We work with the business owner to identify the budget, identify items suitable for branding with the individual company’s logo, items that have the flexibility to be customised to individual recipient’s interests, and suitability for the required delivery.

On our website, the range of useful summer gifts covers everything from insulated stubby holders to beach tents and folding chairs and tables to ice buckets and wine & beer glasses for that social barbeque on the deck.

Our customers select us because of the benefits of our products and /or service, which include:
– Assisting companies in building relationships with their clients (by way of the likes of thank-you gifts)
– Our advice ensuring that the product they purchase from us is the most suitable for their requirements
– Our advice will save time and often save the company money.

There are myriad options on our website, but here is a brief list of some of the more popular options (more versions of each on the website), broken into three price breaks based roughly on quantities of 25/50 units mostly branded in full colour. Please email us your artwork file and the ideal quantity required for detailed costing.

Sub $10.00ea excluding GST

Bottles of sunscreen, Bucket Hats, Beach bags, Wine glasses, Beer glasses, Stubby holders, Bottle openers, and Metal Drink Bottles.

Sub $20.00ea excluding GST

Cooling sports towel, Picnic blankets, Sunhats, Cooler bags, Ice buckets, Lanterns and Beach towels.

+ $30.00ea excluding GST

BBQ tool set, Cheeseboard, Folding chairs and Picnic sets.

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