Winter Solstice celebrations are an uplifting time with the thought of that longed for daylight incrementally increasing each day and the expectation that winter will recede.

Whilst it may have been the case for our parent’s generation, now is slightly different, with the worst of Auckland’s wet weather and winter chills being experienced by Aucklanders from now through well into September/October.

So now is the ideal time to be kitting out your staff or providing to some of your valued customers, jackets branded with your company logo.
Make the most of marketing opportunities such as this by offering quality branded garments to your customers or staff – it can be done very cost-effectively in terms of budget. They will then possess an item that is valuable and useful, so it will get used again and again each time, thereby exposing your brand.

With concern for health of the planet becoming a much more significant and centre of stage issue did you know that July is ‘Plastic Free July’?
You know the damaging story of plastics already. Make a difference and encourage your office to join Plastic Free July. It’s a worldwide campaign spanning 177 countries focusing on reducing our use of single-use plastics with easy, simple swops.

Two easy steps:
1. Sign up for the July campaign. Follow on Facebook and Instagram for inspiration, updates, competitions and education.

2. Participate during July and beyond. It can be as simple as using a bar of soap. Your own coffee cup. Buying items in glass jars instead of plastic. Making or baking instead of buying plastic wrapped food. (For instance why not try our reuseable food wraps).

The growing swell of consumer concern over plastics is already starting to influence manufacture of such items as the jackets we source.: Polyester, which is blended with other fibres into apparel fabrics to improve strength and durability, has a big environmental impact being manufactured from the non renewable source of petroleum. Some of our leading suppliers are making the switch from fabrics manufactured using virgin polyester to using recycled polyester, otherwise known as PET. PET is made by melting down existing clear plastic water bottles and similar containers, and then spinning it into new polyester fibre. One kilogram of such polyester waste is enough to make one or even two jackets depending on the style. Look out for more apparel being offered manufactured from this revolving resource.

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