Nothing heralds the start of New Zealand winter more than the start of football season. On Saturdays, we now find ourselves on the sideline cheering on our grandson and his teammates.

While the weather on the first day was reasonably sunny, there lurked a cool wind with some stray showers around the foot of the Waitakere Ranges.

As I looked along the sidelines observing the other supporters, it struck me as a great marketing opportunity.

Rows of enthusiastic, cheering adults all needing warmth and protection from the weather – dressed in various forms of jackets and hats, and a lot wielding umbrellas. Some of the apparel bore sports branding, a lot had local business branding, and when a shower came through, most of the opening umbrellas had business branding. In fact, they really became billboards walking amongst a large group of people, all potential customers for those same businesses! 

It is no wonder that the sports grounds are surrounded by signwritten billboards that businesses pay big money to convey their message.

Are you making the most of marketing opportunities such as this? Have you got your winter wardrobe of marketing merchandise in place, such as jacketsbeaniesumbrellas?

Offering quality branded garments or umbrellas to your customers or staff can be done very cost-effective in terms of your budget. They will then possess an item that is valuable and useful, so it will get used again and again each time, thereby exposing your brand. 

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