With the change in approach to non-recyclable plastics, our household migrated to using reuseable food wrap but this doesn’t always tidily handle all situations and there was still a hankering for the flexibility of clingwrap. So I was really enthused when one of our suppliers started offering Compostible Cling Wrap in 30m rolls for residential use and 300m rolls for catering. Whilst this product doesn’t lend itself to being branded it is certainly a win for those whose focus is improving that continuous path of replacing plastics and improving the health of the planet. Every small change can make a difference!

This cling wrap is 100% biodegradable, contains natural corn starch and is certified for home and commercial composting.

It is food & freezer safe. For ease of use, it comes with a cutting slide. 

Roll size 30m, 30cms wide, 30metres per individually boxed roll. 

Normal retail $8.99ea. plus freight. For a limited time purchase 4(min purchase) for $7.20ea. plus freight.

Also if you are a big consumer of clingfilm such as caterers or panel beaters & painters, ask us about the 300m jumbo rolls at 45cms wide.

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