Here are five tips on how to select a branded gift which is likely to achieve your goals of saying ‘thank you’:

  1. Taylor your gifts to client profiles: For example, sending all customers the same gift voucher for access to special price packages on limited release wines, even those who are non-drinkers or who have told you they only drink beer, isn’t going to achieve the results!
  2. Keep things in proportion: If your customer spends $250 a year with you, sending them a $500 gift is likely to be out of balance. Keep gifts in proportion to how much a customer spends with you to ensure no one feels uncomfortable about the gift.
  3. Gifts need to be of value and use to the recipient: Taylor the gifts to what you know of your customer’s preferences or lifestyles, so source something that will be seen by them to be of use and value. Ideally, the client will put the gift in their pocket, leave it on their desk, or use it repeatedly and be reminded of who supplied it to them.
  4. Be spontaneous: Gifts are meant to show your appreciation, and that you care about the customer all year round, so gifts can be given at any time when it is appropriate to say ‘thank you.’
  5. Why confine gifts to the end of the year: The tradition has been to provide customer gifts at the end of the year to say ‘thank you’ for business placed during the year, but try standing out from the crowd. Be positive and give a gift in January to ‘celebrate the start of a New Year’ and the business that you are both going to enjoy.

By giving a useful gift, seen by your customer to be of value, not only do they keep using it, but every time they do, they are subliminally reminded about who provided it to them!

On our website, you will see a myriad of products that can be branded with your logo or message and supplied in a presentation box. The gifts do not need to be hugely expensive, nor supplied in large numbers.

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